Is music dead?

We’re in the year 2013 and to a lot of people, music is dead. But is it really? Most people (including me) when saying that music is dead are referring that the music they like isn’t in the mainstream anymore. But does that matter at all? We still have our old CD’s and Vinyl’s of course and we listen to them day in and day out. To us it will always be that way. But why is it important for a new band to start being mainstream? To create a new movement I would say. To start something new or to revive something long forgotten, something that’s been pushed underground by the current success of pop music, dubstep and other varieties. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this had happened before many times over. The hippies lost and punk rock came to life. Glam rock sneaked it’s way in and soon the most manliest thing you could do is to steal your girlfriends make up kit. With the success of grunge, that was destroyed. So it continued to about the end of ’99 when everything stopped. All the good bands broke up for various reasons or went on long breaks and once returned, never got their popularity and success back. What I’m trying to say though, is that every generation had what I like to call Heroes. In the 70’s there were Sex pistols and the Ramones. Then came others like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and so on. Every generation had its own type. Sadly Kurt Cobain died in ’94 and Layne Staley in 2002.
It’s 2013 and I don’t see anyone making a difference anymore. Sure we have huge punk rock concerts, but they’re not in the mainstream. There isn’t a movement anymore. The people who saved us with their music and their words are gone. There are no more rockstars today. No more Heroes. Just veterans in their own art, and by the time we grow up, they’ll already be dead. How many people wished that they’d be born a few years earlier and get to fully enjoy the music that was going on back then? A lot. Me included. But over the years I changed my mind. We’ll always have their music and yes, we feel cheated that we will never see them live ever again.
But this time, it’s our turn. We know what we have to do and we should do it. Make music that would touch people’s harts. Make it as raw as you can, let it all out and don’t hold back. You can’t let people stop you. Everyone has the right to an opinion of their own, just as how I have the right to tell you to go fuck yourself. I won’t accept cute songs. I won’t accept songs about my girlfriend/boyfriend. I won’t accept songs about money and bitches and whatever the hell else turns you on.
There are no rockstars today. Only musicians. But who can make that change and prove me wrong?



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