A riot of my own

In a world where people get ripped off by the government, where they are sick of the oppression on them and the misery that they have to live in; riots, protests and all together Anarchy, seem like a good idea, but if we’re thinking about the real world now, is it really?
Don’t get me wrong, I like the general idea of it and sometimes I let my imagination wonder on how it would really be without government. With that anyone can come to the conclusion that the world would collapse. Government is just something that we put in the dictionary long ago, but things similar to that, existed even longer back. Real anarchists may lecture on the fact on how it could work. People standing up for themselves and relay on each other to survive. Other’s say that anarchism is a form of terrorism, but there is a fine line between order and chaos. Just because someone is against being ruled on and wants to live their own way, does not make them a bomb-making IRA member.
At this point you’re probably wondering why in my eyes anarchism wouldn’t work. Well, because humanity has gotten so used to someone controlling everything. What do I mean by that? If the government were to collapse tomorrow, I don’t see how one country could not bomb or conquer the other. It’s a simple fact; we’re all human. Just because I promise that we can work and live together, doesn’t stop my neighbor from taking a gun and stealing my property, therefore expending his.
I guess what I’m getting at is, that there needs to be an order to things. Yes, I can fully admit that I do not like the government in my own country. Yes, they are corrupt and yes, what they’re doing is basically stealing from us and then covering it up. A politician is just a nicer way of saying thief or criminal.
But back to the first topic of hand.
Protests and riots can in fact achieve something, if people are willing to sacrifice enough. An example; if truck drivers won’t go to work, we’d run out of food eventually. People seize protesting because they don’t want that to happen, but if we let it happen, we’re not the only one’s being affected by it. So is the government. A politician in his BMW won’t go transporting a bag of potatoes to feed his family to save his life!
For a change, we’d need to plan and prepare. Fools can easily turn a protest into a riot and chaos emerges from it.
The problem in that is the damage done afterwards. If you’re set on destroying anything, don’t damage your neighbor’s property. Damage something that the government owns. Riots often turn violent and more people die by the puppets; cops.
Police can be useful to an extent, but there are more instances where they’re completely useless, or do even more damage. They protect the monsters above, but they too will turn, once they turn hungry, once they lose shelter and once their family is suffering. If they were to turn, no one could protect the men in suits from changing things.
I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that because a country is in debt, we should raise taxes to pay off what they owe. We are paid less (if we’re paid at all) so the government can buy new cars, rebuild roads that were just a bit bumpy and gushy up tourist attractions. Tax religion!
The smart idea would be to raise pay-checks. Raise the fucking economy so less people would be homeless or jobless. It’s sad.

So this is the point I’m getting at. Things such as Anarchy, Riots and Protests gave people a sense of power. The right kind of power. The kind of power that won’t corrupt. Just the right amount.
It’s something to fantasize about. But fantasies do become realities if we work hard enough for them.

So you’re thinking “But what can I do? Do I really matter?”
Yes, you do matter. About 1 in 5 people ask the same question and more often than not, they don’t do anything. So what can you do?
Educate yourselves. Learn as much as you can about history, politics, law and so on. Learn what matters and if you do, soon you’ll find a way to beat the problem and together we can make a change.
The system failed a long time ago. How could it not? It’s been twisted, changed, bent, twisted and raped so many times that just the sight of it would remind you of a sick twisted experiment. The only way to change that is to bring the system down and start from scratch. The people who will suffer the most are this generation and younger. It’s seems that we’re getting wiser but at the same time, more and more stupider.

Every change started with an idea. Think it through. Fantasize about it. Want it. I want a riot, a riot of my own.



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